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We are very happy to announce that we have recently completed and Mastered the five songs that make up the soon to be released Beach Bullies EP 'All The Things I Left Behind.' Recorded at Tigersonic Studios and co-produced by James A Smith and Felix X-File Mackintosh, this will be our first new material to see the light of day since 1980's We Rule The Universe!  Release is provisionally set for the autumn. More details will follow as and when!

Alpine Beach Bullies! 

On May 4th the stripped down 2-piece version of the Beach Bullies was delighted to play a few songs at the opening of the exhibition 'Der Maerchenprinze' (Prince Charming) in the beautiful and rather haunting Anna Goeldi Museum, in canton Glarus. The exhibition, based on women's rights in Switzerland was staged by artist Biggi Slongo, and Bettina Schroeder was the guest artist. The audience took it extremely well and a good time was had byall. The following night Bettina and I both participated in a local jam session at the New Music school in the nearby village of Mitloedi. The Beach Bullies enjoyed the mountains, the sun, and the hospitality, and have vowed to return later in the year, hopefully with another date to play!

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Genesis of a Beach Bully  

People often ask me where the name 'The Beach Bullies' comes from. It first appears as cryptic little note in my 1979 diary, while I was in full rehearsal and gig mode with the Containers. A possible band name? It re-surfaced a few months later, in 1980, when the Containers had bitten the dust, and I was tending to my bruises while wondering what to do next. As the original inspiration was a Charles Atlas ad from the back of a Marvel comic, it seemed appropriate that I should use it as a revenge name, to show the band that discarded me that I was not going to take it lying down. Yeah, the skinny kid who gets his own back, that would be me! And it was, though it was a long time coming...






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