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The Containers

Recorded in 1979, released in 2017, Self-Contained is the only album by the Containers - predecessors of the Beach Bullies, sharing some of the songs but a very different sound. Manufactured Recordings found me via youtube in 2015, and made this possible...

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Simply put, the innocence so integral to each of the album’s twelve songs is also infectious; Self-Contained plays like it was made for the joy of playing and recording – not necessarily for a proper release (how else can one explain the fact the fact that the album went thirty-eight years without a formal release?). In a way, that makes it even better too – getting to finally hear this music just feels special... ”

Bill Adams - Ground Control Magazine

For your Pleasure!

The Bullies record intermingles the stripped drum machine melancholy of Young Marble Giants with a more energetic restlessness closer to The Cleaners From Venus and Hitchcock’s own work of the period, or more acutely, that of The Vaselines, whose own “fuck off” laissez-faire attitude is comparable – though for my money the Bullies’ strain of weirdness trumps that of the Scottish duo.”

Fact Magazine

Both of these albums can be purchased from Manufactured Recordings, Brooklyn, NY, also via Amazon, or they can be ordered from reputable record stores!